Join the Exodus

A dark stranger arrives in the middle of the night, ripping open a centuries-old wound in post-apocalyptic Harpers Ferry. Religious zealots have risen from the South, conquering all that stands before them. Now Jason must help his fellow villagers escape to a land far away to preserve their culture and buy enough time to build a defense. Can they succeed without any technology in the face of a rugged American continent?

Blogger and author Geoff Livingston confronts America’s worst fears with a world destroyed by technology and dominated by Christian fundamentalism. Don’t miss the opening salvo in The Fundamentalists Trilogy.

Join the Exodus! Buy the book. Follow @JasonExodus on Twitter. Read Geoff Livingston’s posts about the novel.

3 Responses to Join the Exodus

  1. Milt Livingston ⋅

    Will the book be available as a hard copy? If so, where.

  2. Linda A. W. King ⋅

    Hi Geoff, I enjoyed meeting you at WorldCon and am particularly enjoying your novel, Exodus. I have your e-books cards that I gathered up at 3 p.m. for safe keeping. I distributed about 12 cards at my science fiction club on Wednesday night and probably can distribute about 12 more at my other clubs. I’ll send the rest, about 38, back to you at the end of the month unless you need them sooner. Please give me a mailing address. Thanks for buying Invitations from Afar. I’m glad I bought Exodus. Good luck with your writing and book selling. Linda

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